Pastor Tracy Keene is the co-founder of Kingdom Christian Center, an ever-growing, non-denominational church in Columbus.

In 1997, God commissioned her husband, Pastor Lonnie Keene, to establish KCC based on a vision to inspire others to live a better quality of life through Jesus Christ. Since then, they have been diligently using God’s Word to preach the kingdom and change the world!

Within that vision, Pastor Tracy’s unique passion for ministry focuses on practical approaches to teaching people how good life can be when living by the truth of God’s Word.  Through her Women of the Word ministry, she teaches women how to strive for balance and fulfillment; while enjoying their femininity and serving others.    

As the ministry’s Chief Operations Officer, Pastor Tracy uses the skills she gained studying business administration at Tuskegee University and her expertise in helping teams streamline their processes to lead KCC’s day to day operations.

When she’s not acting as Operations Officer, Pastor Tracy pursues her passion for physical fitness, healthy living, and her love of reading great books.

Also a mother, Pastor Tracy happily shares a life of love with her husband, their three sons & daughter in law – Deven [Taylor], Isaiah and Jeremiah.